Thursday, September 20, 2007

Am I not cool anymore???

I know there HAS to be someone out there, so comment already...

Anyways, lots of things floating through my head right now, so today is a bullet point day...
  • Job, hello, where are you??? How soon can I start doing the harassing followups? anyone??
  • The Wife -- My heart aches for her. 1st husband shot himself in front of their oldest daughter, her granddaughter in Columbia is sick, her youngest daughter is raising holy hell for her in the states and here I am thinking of taking "her babies" away from her. Every time I see L run to her or R light up when she walks in I rethink leaving NY.
  • work? -- WTF is going on. I have never been so bored in my life. Starting to worry that I will no longer have a job soon.
  • Commute -- why oh why Metro North do you insist on cancelling trains and then packing us all in like sardines. And, hey you, the obnoxious woman who sat beside me. Get the hell off your cell phone, stop fucking yell and get your shit off my knees. UUGH, you can so tell those that don't commute on a regular basis. There are RULES people.
  • Boobs -- seriously, a plugged duct? Why?
  • R -- how about some sleep dude. You are awful cute but you are actually making me rethink my stand on CIO.
  • L -- I was trying to cut your hair, not torture you. Thanks for making it sound like I was driving bamboo under your nails. CPS is so going to show up at my house soon between this and your screeching during diaper changes! Potty train already and Mama won't have to hold you down to clean your butt.
  • Pampers -- you suck. I am *this* close to replacing your ass with cloth diapers. Seriously, I am googling services TODAY!


Alicia said...

My anti-sleep brat has made me change my views on CIO as well. It never worked for Sawyer so I was always very against it, but Beckett is so high needs and I was out of options, and he HAD to get some sleep.

So we started our own routine, didn't really follow any of the books. I've actually never read any of them. I moved a chair into his room and when it's time for him to sleep, I take him in and nurse him in the chair. Sometimes he nurses to sleep, which is fine. If he's still awake, I put him in his crib and turn on the Ocean Wonders aquarium.

I then leave him and if he cries, I go back in every 5 minutes and pick him up and comfort him, then lay him back down. I never let him get irate and screaming -- if he does, I go right to him. If I end up going in a few times and he's still not asleep, I nurse him again and usually he will fall asleep comfort nursing like that.

When we first started it a little under a week ago, we were having to go in a lot and it was really hard. But just a few days later he was doing so much better. Two nights ago, he went to sleep on his own without crying at all, and he did it again today for his nap. So we have made progress!

I don't know if you even needed suggestions but I thought I would offer up our routine. I don't really like to blog about it much because I just don't even want to open up the forum to get flamed for it. But what we have done works and I don't think it's harming him. I waited until I felt he was old enough for it and never deprive him of nursing.

So anyway, I'll shut up now, lol.

Jennie Thomason said...

Commuting will absolutely be the end of me, although I commute in my car. On the road, where all the rage is :)

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

My 2 year old, born February 05, still isn't potty trained. I don't get it. His big brother was fully trained by his second birthday. I keep trying to remind myself he won't be in diapers forever but I can seriously see him in them during high school. Hope your days get better. :)

nicole said...

Wait, you were cool?? Does that mean I was cool??? Just teasing. It sounds like you have lots going on. Send me an e-mail so I can hear more about L's therapy and how things in general are going. We leave the beach tomorrow for the desert heat. Talk to you soon!

MomSmoo said...

Nicole -- I am just cool in my head, don't worry. Even I know that. You and W have disappeared on me though and I am not used to the lack of contact!! =)