Saturday, September 15, 2007

I know why...

The Saint is so skinny.

My sister is 5'4'' and 100lbs soaking wet. Yeah, she runs 10Ks and the like and I thought that is why she is so skinny.

Not so!

Attempting to do her schedule for one day is exhausting. 2 trips to school in the morning -- as Niece 1 and 2 have different drop off times, up and down the stairs of her townhouse no less than a BAZILLION times and holy hell, the woman keeps the house at 80s. I have never been so constantly hot and sweaty in all my life.

Not to mention just keeping up with the girls around the house. Oh and forget having a free moment to eat. All eating I have done has been standing over the sink shoveling into my piehole.

So, the end result, no food, constant movement and utter exhaustion -- recipe for weight loss.


nicole said...

I can't wait until the kids are old enough to need running around everywhere. What a great weight loss concept!

Kirsten said...

How is your wrist doing? You sound like super woman! And, dude, I can totally agree to disagree on this one, but um, to me? besides the baby that comes out at the end, childbirth is the single most unpleasant thing I can think of doing. My epidural only took on one side and so I can say I went 1/2 unmedicated and seriously, FUCK ME that hurt, and I was trying to breathe and cope and just sooooo not happening. I admire your positive attitude about it because I just cannot do it again! Loves to you, K