Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I am not! I came to the realization yesterday that I don't even know what is in style let alone own a stylish piece of clothing. Apparently all the "rules" that I once knew, no longer are applicable (my neighbor tells me that brown and black together are now "stylish" -- bleck! I can't get over seeing brown shoes and black pants and just thinking WRONG!!).

So I made a handy list of items that I think I NEED (Mom, are you reading... I may just have a Christmas list for you if I haven't already given you one) in order to maybe have some timeless pieces, but I would love to know what is really in style.

Because I am thinking the fleece sweatpants, ripped t-shirt and old, inside-out Gator football sweatshirt I wear every single weekend just isn't "IT".

Oh and those adorable leggings under dresses.... I remember that being so stinking comfy in 7th grade and would LOVE to wear it again... but where the hell do you find leggings and such these days?

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