Monday, September 10, 2007

The Midwest...

Dear God is that place flat.

And people are too freaking nice!

Kirsten said something about an overly nice Starbucks guy and I thought -- hee, hee, I will never have to deal with THAT. Well, that lasted until this weekend. Seriously, WHY would I want to know about someones desire to come to NY to shop and blah blah blah. Serioiusly woman, it is 6 in the morning. I have two small children in the back of my car, just give me my damn caffeine and I will be on my way to the fucking airport because apparently I didn't have enough fun on the flight TO Chicago which took .... SIX AND HALF HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, thta is correct 6.5 hours, we got on the plane at 4:25 and got off the place at 10:00 Central time. Making it 11:00 East Coast time -- 4.5 hours past L's normal dinner time, 4 hours late and 3 hours past L and R's normal bedtime.

Oh and by the way -- my kids -- they are saints!!!

The lessons learned this time -- O'Hare sucks and we are totally going to Phoenix soon because L can totally handle 6 hours on a plane!

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nicole said...

Well then get the heck over here! We'd love to have you for as long as you'd like to stay. I'm glad the boys handled the weekend like troopers.