Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The terrible twos

L has been 2 for a few months now, but the terrible part of the twos just seem to be getting worse and worse. He is becoming quite a defiant little boy at times and I don't know how to make it stop. If he doesn't want me to go somewhere he will get in front of me and push backwards. If I tell him to stop doing something he will yell back at me (sometimes just a scream and sometimes a NO MOMMY). He is much much worse with me than he is with B and I am trying to get to the source of the problem to find a solution for him.

We do time outs and they do seem to work quite well with him because a lot of the time he is just getting overwhelmed and lashing out, but the other part of the problem, I feel, is that I have been home less and less over the last few weeks as work has been hectic and interviewing for jobs has had me out of town a few times too. Could he be problematic because he needs more time with his mommy?

This used to be offset by the fact that we would have 2 hours together on Fridays for swimming lessons. Since we have put them on hold while the move comes together, we have no one on one time. Should I be making a bigger point in doing that again? And if so, WHEN?

Anyone else find that their 2 year old gets worse if they have less mommy time.

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