Monday, March 24, 2008

a step backwards

For all of those who aren't mommy's, I warn you, this is a post about poop!

I was on the phone with my mom on Sunday evening. We had talked briefly in the morning so she could wish the boys a happy Easter, but for some reason I had to get off the phone with her, so she was calling back. We had only been on the phone a few minutes when I saw L pushing R out of his room and trying to close the door. It happened a few times, each time with R's fingers getting closer and closer to being pinched.

It also kept happening after I told L to stop in the "mean mommy" voice.

So I got up and headed into L's room, both to get him out of there and to move R so he didn't get hurt. I wasn't prepared for what I found -- both in sight and smell. Lets just say Easter chocolate has a whole new meaning to me. I guess the silver lining is that he was at least attempting to protect his brother and keep him out of the mess.

About 20 minutes later both the carpet, clothing and L were cleaned up and I resolved to be a little bit more persistant with making him sit on the potty at times. I knew potty training was going too well.

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