Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sonny and getting old

As I mentioned before our oldest Golden Retriever had a seizure on Feb 29th. Our vet told us it was unlikely to repeat, but to let her know if it did.

Oh brother, did it ever.

Starting on Thursday night, Sonny started having 4 seizures in 24 hours which progressed to having a seizure every 2 hours by the time Saturday morning rolled around. Since he loses bladder control each time it happens too (which I can't fault him for, I mean he is so miserable and sad when it is happening that you know he would do anything just to make it stop), that is a lot of pee to be cleaning up. The silver lining to this is at least it continues to happen in either B and my bedroom, where the carpet is gross and we plan to replace it, or in the basement, where the floor is tile.

Phenobarb has helped (although he is still having some seizures and we are having to play around with his medicines), but as a result makes him fall down/over at a whim and the seizures make him clingy and antsy. Picture a 70lb dog who thinks he needs to be on your lap at all times while you are trying to also care for 2 kids under 3.

I can't believe the change that has happened to Sonny in the last 3 weeks. In February he was invincible and would play ball until your arm fell off. In March, he is a old dog that is losing control of his own body and who looks at you with such sadness that you question why you are drugging him at all and if it would be better to just put him to sleep.

B and I have had lengthy discussions about when is the right time to put an animal down. We aren't there yet, but we are playing at this grey line and it is sickening and heartbreaking to even contimplate having to make this decision.

When is it time to make that choice for an animal? And how do you explain to a toddler, who loves the dogs as much as his daddy does, that Sonny won't be coming home?

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