Thursday, March 13, 2008

poor baby

R is sick. He is headed to the doctors this afternoon with B, but I guess he was quite the crank last night and most of the day yesterday.

On my list of things he may have...
  • 4 teeth coming in -- all on the bottom. Touch his gums and he will scream at you.
  • strep throat -- won't eat, won't swollow his bottle and pulling at his ears (my ears always itch when my throat hurts)
  • ear infection -- again the pulling on the ears thing
  • tonsilitis -- because I am not sure if kids as young as R can get strep. I heard not before a year, but since his birthday is just 3 short days away....
  • some flesh eating disease -- which would explain the rashy blotches on his legs and the general crankiness

Since I have a law degree hanging on my wall and not a medical degree, anyone else want to chime and and diagnose him?

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