Monday, March 31, 2008

R's rough weekend

I think L is starting to show some signs of jealousy and aggression to his brother. It is weird that it has taken this long to develop, but I guess since R is more mobile and L doesn't like to share, it is only normal that they are now getting in each others way.

R's may only weight 2lbs less then his big brother, but he seems to incur all the damage. As of right now here are his wounds:
  • a swollen/bum finger -- pointer finger on the right hand where L decided to slam it in the door of the bathroom (L apparently needs privacy when he goes to the potty now, wish I could be so lucky)
  • scratch across his forehead -- anyones guess where he picked that up from
  • scratch/red nose -- I believe this is another potty related incident but was L trying to close the potty lid while R tried to play in the water and resulted on the scratch/bruise/whatever on the nose
  • and finally a goose egg on his forehead. Yep -- another one! This one is from L's repeated bumps into R from behind. R usually wabbles or falls down and catches himself, but this time it was too close to the coffee table and R took a header into it.

I may sound like a derilict parent that all this happens while I am watching, but I am not. I know one of these days R is going to start beating L up right back and in the mean time L gets time outs for shoving. I vividly remember the time that The Saint closed my hand in the car door, where I was stuck for what seemed like 10 minutes (I honestly have no idea how long it really was, but my memory says that my mom came back out to the car to see what was taking me so long), so I know the door/hand thing is bound to happen many many more times.

Oh the joys of being a little sibling.

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