Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Jabberwakie

L ... does... not... shut... up!


This is great news, right?! He is doing so well in fact that his speech therapist called me at the office today to tell me what a great job he is doing. Lauren and I usually discuss his progress on Wednesday mornings -- as I normally work from home Wednesdays. Since I had to come in the office today for various reasons, I didn't see her, but when she called she told me, she just HAD to call to tell me what a great job L is doing.

We both had a laugh over the fact that L doesn't just talk anymore, but rather tells elaborate stories. Granted the stories involve lots of hand movements, the repetition of a few words, but the story does come across. If R falls and bumps his head, L will tell us "ReRe ouchies bang head" and then proceed to smack what ever surface it was the R fell into. I get to hear all about the trucks that come up and down our street. The fact that the dogs went pee pee and poo poo outside. The fact the The Wife or B went pee pee or poo poo at some point during the day. Shoot, my mom can tell you that L's favorite thing to talk about is when R goes poop. Yep - he is all boy!

It truly is amazing the progress that he has made in 5.5 months. Mind boggling in fact. At almost 2 he would only say a handful of words and we couldn't even get a two word combination. Now we talk in sentances - although the grammer is poor! - and use hundreds of words.

I guess I am putting this out there because 1) I am so proud of L that I really could burst and 2) I want other moms to know that if you think there is a problem, get help. So many people told me not to worry about it, but I knew something was wrong and with just a little bit of help L has turned the corner and can amaze us in even more ways. Don't listen to that crap that he is a boy and "my uncles, counin twice removed didn't talk until he was 5 and now is a profession orator". You, as the mom, know if your child needs more help and it is way better to get the help now then play "wait and see" and have them behind in school.

Now, if only I could get him to stop talking at times.

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