Thursday, March 20, 2008

It is tourney time!

My favorite day of the year in the office is the day the NCAA tourney starts. Every year we do a client lunch and get out of the office for 4 hours. It is really great for group morale and we get to know our clients on a whole different level.

Last year I missed the lunch. I had been having contractions the night before and was exhausted. At about 11 I debated getting into the shower and getting ready to come into the city and by noon, I was dropping to the floor to lean over a birthing ball each time I had a contraction. By 2, I was thankful that I had decided to NOT come to the city because my pubic bone felt like it was on fire and by 4 I admitted that I really was in labor.

Granted, he wasn't born until early the next morning, and I probably could have made it to the lunch and back home ok, but laboring on the train wasn't my idea of a good time either. Although maybe he would have been born on the 15th (the day I had predicted he would be born when I found out I was pregnant) rather then the 16th had I walked the 15 blocks to and from the lunch site.

This year my school -- the Gators -- aren't even in the tourney, but it should be fun none the less.

And this year I won't be in labor for it!

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