Monday, December 8, 2008

The birds, part 3

Remember back when I had an issue with birds. You know here and here?

Guess what -- the birds are back. This time it seems as though a bird has come to think of our house as the safe haven. You see our front door does provide some cover from the howling winds and snow flurries that we have this morning seems to be inviting to an injured bird. I stuck my head our of our front door in the hopes that the unlocking and opening of the door would cause it to fly away.

It is still there.

It also is leaking various fluids out of its body and is missing half of its feathers on its back. I am just going out on a limb here and assuming it had a run in with the cat next door.

It is one lucky bird (I know -- I doubt it feels very lucky). Little does it know that Spookie has already destroyed that cat during the one time it came to our house and Spookie was outside. It took days to get all the clumps of orange hair out of Spookies claws.

Poor bird also probably has no idea that just on the other side of the door that it is so comfortably hiding against is the king of the bird killers.

Add that to my list of reasons why NOT to put a doggie door in at this house. I forgot how many times I had birds and bird feathers in my house last spring.

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