Monday, December 29, 2008

taking a tumble

Right before we left NY, I took both the boys to Target. I know we were in the card aisle. I think I was picking out a birthday card for B's grandmother, but it could have been pretty much anyone of the ILs (I don't do cards for family -- they know it, I think it is a waste of money). L had insisted on sitting in the seat part, so I put R in the basket. He was just above the edge and didn't really think twice about it. L has been in the basket countless times.

Well, R apparently reached for something. Did a full flip out of the cart and landed flat on his back. I heard the sickening thump as his head hit the concrete floor. Everyone else in the aisle scattered and I scooped R up and soothed him. He might have been all of a year old. He had a goose egg and I forced L out of the seat and kept R fastened in tight the rest of the time (which was seriously all of about 5 minutes because I thought I was going to puke and I just wanted out of there). I called B and bawled my eyes out. But apparently I didn't blog about it. Wonder why. I usually have no problem pointing out that I screw up just as much as the next person, even as a mom.

Well take a wild guess what happened today? Yep -- L, fought me to get in the seat and not in the basket. I relented. R was in the basket. We were searching the clearance Christmas stuff at Michaels -- looking for Christmas cookie cutters. R apparently saw some Christmas decorations that he wanted as I was looking down the aisle and next thing I knew I heard a gasp and then that sickening thump again.

This time, apparently being taller, didn't work in his favor. This time he landed face first on the floor.

He is either the toughest kid ever known to man or something slowed his fall. Or he learned to break his own fall. Yes, he ended up with a bloody nose and a very small bump on his head, but for the most part -- he was unharmed. The older woman (where the gasp came from) in the aisle though freaked the hell out, which made it worse. But in the long run she was helpful as she had tissues and I didn't and I needed something to mop up his face.

The one who had the bigger fit - L of course. Both because I walked away from him (I was in eye sight and was keeping an eye on him too) and because I then again forced him out of the seat to put R in close to me.

R is fine. Actually happy as could be this evening. Checked his eyes before nap and bed and they are dialating properly and all. I am just feeling like a bonehead. Once is a mistake. Twice is just dumbass on my part.

Although there was no crying to B this time. I am starting to learn with R, the ER and I are going to become intimately familiar with one another. Considering he likes to stand, and therefore flip off of, chairs, it is only a matter of time until he splits his head open like both his parents have -- many of times (I think my record was 2-3 times in the same week! What a joy I must have been).

This very well may be one of those Grandma's paybacks.


nicole said...

What, no pictures?? Poor kid. I'm glad he's come out of it okay without any emotional scarring. I'm not sure I can say the same for you though...

MomSmoo said...

Trust me -- unless there was the little outline on the floor of Michaels, there would be no photo. His bump isn't discolored and his nose is fine. You better know where the closest ER is to your house while we are there.