Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So you know that post I did. Yeah -- that half-assed post that was obviously done while sitting squarely in front of the TV. The one where I was only half aware of what my fingers were typing and it wasn't related to single other thing in life.

Ok -- so I apologize for that.

The real reason for my lack of posting and blah posts is that I am overwhelmed right now. A little overwhelmed by the fact that there is this holiday that has been fast approaching and is now less then 36 hours away. And a lot overwhelmed by the fact that work... it is killing me. Oh and of course this killing me is smack dab at the same time that B happens to be home with the boys ALL DAY LONG and smack dab over the time that I am supposed to be taking off work to be with the kids -- you know next week.

Things slowed down to a nice even pace over Thanksgiving and I got downright lazy during that time. Then I noticed I was actually a little slow. The billing year also starts on Dec. 1, so I was aware my time will now be monitored... CLOSELY and my hours will now affect my bonus and therefore my bottom line. So I asked for more.

Oh holy shit is all I have to say. I now have two PAGES of a to-do list. Many days spent out of my home office, which of course kills the billable time while I drive from place to place. I have to learn to multitask and dictate letters and pleading while driving (there is no law on that, right???) and get a handsfree thingy because that is the only time I will talk on the phone anymore -- the 2 hours of commuting.

And this isn't a short term issue. This is easily going to carry me through June 1st. As half the problem is that I have agreed to cover for another, more senior, attorney out on maternity leave -- for 6 months!

So happy freaking holidays.

Oh and guess what... the boys all of a sudden seem to like me and miss me when I am gone. Wonderful. Guilt all around here.

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