Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Ok, so I am a few days late. Things have been strange here at the Smoo household. We did Christmas morning with the boys on the 25th. My parents came to watch them open presents. It was all over and done by 930 (remember, we were going very simple this year). Had a nice big breakfast and that was Christmas.

On Christmas night we took the boys to the local ski slope and went tubing with them. That was a big hit.

Other than that, it has been blah. Which is a huge change from our normal, split Christmas between NY, PA and IL routine. While it was nice to be home for the holidays, it was also a little uneventful.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas with my sister and her family. This is when the boys will be spoiled by the grandparents. That is when we will do a Christmas dinner. That is when it will feel more like Christmas.

Right now, it just feels blah.

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mamaC said...

How about the fun/chaos of our visit! LOL That was pretty eventful even though we were only there for an hour!