Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Silent morning

I emailed N yesterday and asked her if she had a secret in getting L to stay in bed past 630am. She didn't, but apparently my talking about it has triggered something.

L has been potty trained for more than 6 months. For more than 2 months, he hasn't needed a pull up during his afternoon nap. However, we still have a hit or miss on being dry in the morning, but it seems like when he gets up at 630 in the morning to go potty he is dry.

Today he slept until 720. I thought for sure I would have a mess to clean up.

Nope -- totally dry. Although he insists that there were two drops of pee in his pull up. I guess he would know. Had the whole thing been on video, it would have been hilarious. Me in my robe, towel on my head, running through the house, carrying L, while he grabs his penis trying to hold his pee.

At some point here I need to put him to bed in just his underwear and see how he does. But it really seems to be my hang up and not his.

I just wish I knew what happened last night or this morning which got him to sleep until 720 so I could repeat it.

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