Thursday, December 11, 2008

now onto 2 therapists

On Tues. night, B and I met with R's new speech therapist. It was just a formality to sign all the paperwork. While she was a little surprised that they recommended him for speech services, she totally agreed he needed the help.

On one hand it is nice that the expert agrees with mommy, but on the other hand, I really really really wanted someone to look at me and say -- he is just perfect, what could you possibly be worried about.

But this isn't some fantasy and in reality a true speech delay/potential oral fine motor delays is not a big deal compared with the alphabet soup I was given with L. Goodness knows the electric toothbrush trick has been a godsend to end the drooling and if he is in the perfect mood he will pick up a word or two when you try to get him to repeat what you say.

(This weekend he said Gators while doing the Gator Chomp)

So now our count is up to two therapists. Same as L had. I hope in a year I call roll my eyes and just wish R would just stop talking already

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nicole said...

I had no idea this was the case. Why didn't you say anything? I'm sure R is going to be just great and in a year from now you're going to wonder what the fuss was all about to begin with.