Monday, December 22, 2008

too much TV

I watch too much TV. I have come to my realization tonight. We DVR almost everything. Tonight B and I were watching Little People, Big World and Mike Detjen died. B and I were both bawling our eyes out.

Watching how the kids react really hit me too.

I know it is normal to emotionally react to it, especially since it is a show we always watch and are involved in, but seriously, sitting on your couch bawling isn't normal.

I know it is coming, but the first lose my kids are going to experience is more than likely going to be the loss of a great-grandparent. I don't know how L will react to it. I know he still feels the loss of our dog Sonny and still asks about him frequently.


Keri said...

Whitney, we are DVR people too... It makes it hard to watch regular TV. Love keeping up with you on here. I might not comment much but I read often.

Alicia said...

I watched that tonight and bawled my eyes out too. Then I watched the Duggar special and cried some more. Damn pregnancy hormones.

MomSmoo said...

Congrats Alicia!! How far? When are you due?

Alicia said...

I'm 11 weeks, due July 13th. :)