Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry tooting Christmas

I can't remember the last time I worked on Christmas Eve. Maybe it is the Christmas spirit -- more likely it is the fact that other attorneys don't want to give up there vacation/holiday time -- but litigation proceedings tend to stall over the holidays. Today... not so much.

at 3am B got the call to head to work to deal with ice.
talked to him at 620 -- he should be home by 8
which is about an hour later then I need him here because I need to leave to drive to another office -- should take every bit of 2 hours due to the weather.
Oh and I need to hurry BACK to my own office because I need to get my assistant a Christmas present yet -- any ideas there
Maybe possibly I will be in my own office at like 4-6pm

There is a house to be cleaned. Groceries to be picked up for brunch on Christmas Day. And some final presents to be wrapped.

Oh and not to forget L still has to buy a present for R.


Oh and did I mention again that the roads are a sheet of ice and bleck. Joy.

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