Saturday, May 5, 2007

Oh ... yeah ... the bird!

Well I am happy to report that the one bird I discussed previously safely made it outside. It hopped along the ground the whole time I watched it though, so it looks like it has used up its lives and was bound to be cat food shortly.

The bird that I found this morning outside B and my bedroom, unfortunately was not so luckily. Seriously.... this cat is getting worse. It is one thing to kill the bird in the basement and leave it there for me to stumble over when doing laundry, but a very different thing to leave it outside out bedroom so I step on it at 2 in the morning while going to nurse R. Bleck. Anyone know how to stop this???

Oh and for those wondering how this lovely cat seems to bring in LIVE animals in the middle of the night.... well that is courtesy of the doggie door that we have in the basement. A Godsend for those of us that have 3 dogs, but not so much when you have a cat with a penchant for hunting. The doggie door may be getting locked at night (although that kinda defeats the the purpose of them letting themselves out in the morning and we all know who will forget to UNlock the stupid thing and therefore have at least 3 piles of crap (literally and figuratively) to clean up.

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