Friday, May 11, 2007

Playgroup drop out

Yes, it is official... I don't play well with others.

A week ago I was invited to join a playgroup. I am of course not embarassed to tell you that I was so excited about this I could barely stand it. I am in desperate need of friends with kids (how I am the youngest of my friends in this area and the first to have two kids... yeah, still attempting to figure that one out). Anyways, the playdate was for Tues at one of the local parks.

I of course was so stinking excited all Tues. morning, worried about what I was wearing, put make up on, made sure the boys were dressed adorably and...

OH MY GOD the other mom's were horrid!!!! Seriously made me understand why schools are as fucked up as they are. YIKES.

Let's suffice to say I heard "oh were is _____" no less then a dozen times. I mean come on people, the park is about a quarter acre total -- not exactly hard to keep track of your kid if you could peel your fat ass off the park bench or stop gossiping long enough to watch them. Talking and looking are not mutually exclusive tasks. Not to mention, how about keeping your filthy brats from kicking sand at my 7w old and so help me GOD if you shoot me another dirty look for kindly telling the bastard to "oh no honey -- don't kick sand at the baby." L -- well he was on his own and you can definitely tell the kid has been in daycare!

Not to mention the over primped bitch to moaned and complained about how hard it was to take care of her 3 year old -- who, I might add, she was breastfeeding at the park -- and how her husband was no help. I mean, I am a huge breastfeeding advocate, but come on. Do you expect your husband to LACTATE for you too?? If it is too much for you and you need to complain for no less than the ENTIRE FUCKING HOUR I WAS THERE, then maybe it is time to wean, huh??? Oh and NO the job of an au pair is not to be at your "beck and call" as you seem to think. And I know -- how DARE nanny's in this area want to leave your child to go home to attend to their own. I am not making this shit up people her exact words were "Oh I don't want a nanny. They have to go home at night and take care of their own families. I mean an au pair is here to only serve me and that is what I need."

Good Lord. This is just another reason that I hate the New York City 'burbs. I mean how many self-righteous people do you have to interact with on a daily basis.

So, with a smile and a wave I left the park on Tues knowing full well I will do everything in my power to never see those women or their prissy spoiled brood ever again.

And then placed my very first call to the Saint to bitch. Guess even the Saint was a playgroup drop out. They loved her.... she didn't love them. Maybe she doesn't always have the halo on....

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-Bailey said...

Hmmmm...we don't have those problems here in Gilbert...Too hot to sit their "fat asses" outside. Gossip is universal though.

And friends without kids? I thought friends come with kids automatically. Must be another Gilbert thing. You should try it. :)