Monday, May 21, 2007

The house of Poop

I don't know what is going on in my house these days. L -- pooping through size 5 diapers!! These are diapers so big in the butt that they hang down to his knees, but yet still can not contain the amount of poop this little guy produces. Yesterday was the perfect example of an L poop.

Everyone is eating dinner and it is unfortunately my turn to clean the kid up (B did breakfast and lunch in a bid to be a good husband and maybe, possibly, fingers-crossed get some action -- he was good, but not THAT good!). So I pick him up and I am immediately confronted with a soaking wet behind -- not fun! So, when the rubber hit the road -- poop was out of his diaper, all the way down his leg and on his socks and shirt! How it went both up and down out of the diaper is anyones guess. Luckily B did help by holding his hands, but by the end of the diaper change, poop was on

1) the changing pad
2) a cloth diaper, put under L to protect the changing pad
3) the wall
4) his bare feet and toes
5) the dresser
6) the floor and last but not least...
7) my hands

It was a BLAST. I am thinking maybe L and pampers are no longer compatible, what do you think? What can contain his toxic blasts? This is a kid who eats more than I do, so it is understandable to have 3 giant poops a day, but I am getting sick of searching for a diaper to contain it.

Oh and R -- kid hasn't stopped pooing since he was born. He farts constantly (and OMG does it stink!) and I may have changed a total of a dozen diapers that don't involve poop. The kid is like the farting dog toy. You squeeze his stomach and he toots. Not to mention the numerous times he just poops on the changing pad while you are changing him! Anyone know if THAT is normal???

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