Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It has to be time to go back to work...

I am doing crafts!! That is not me. I am the one in the three button black suit ballbusting for fun, not painting cute animals on letters to decorate her kids rooms. Seriously -- I can't even begin to send these pics to the office because I will never live it down. First I have a baby sans epidural (that STILL hasn't stop causing a stir) and now I am getting all creative and shit.

It is the hormones people. I will go back to normal...

Or really I am just going to hide my tears because I am DREADING the end of maternity leave. My God ... I have really gone and said those words.

Ok. Back to happy things.

Here is L's letters

And R's

Oh and the cutest kid in the world (because DAMN how did B and I create that??!!!).


Leeann said...

Just got caught up on your blog. Loved the picture of the baby! How cute is he? :-)
Sorry to hear your playgroup experience was a nasty one.
You did a great job on the letters!
Take care,

laylahbelle said...

I love that pic of R.I think I'm going to put it up at work to look at when people are screaming at me. ;-) Oh,and crafts...yes,you're def. going soft.That's stuff I'd do.That's ok though.They look great...you could always leave legal & promote a craft business on the parenting board(which I haven't been on in weeks).
Hope you,B and the boys are feeling better.