Thursday, May 3, 2007

still mommy of the year

R -- ruptured eardrum. Oh, I so rock!!! So proud that we delayed starting antibiotics. Note to self -- green goo coming out of the baby's ear.... BAD!

B and I officially have sinus infections. Hmmm... gee what is the likelihood that L has something more than just a cold? You know since Brett and I just assumed that we just had colds. Yeah, guess I will be calling the pedi to make him an appt too.

Oh. And to add to my MOTY status... my drs appt was smack dab in the middle of Lane's lunch/nap time. So cranky toddler and hungry newborn got to spend an HOUR in the waiting room of my drs office. By the way... dr. YOU SUCK. At least put the poor woman and her two children in one of the three empty exam rooms you have so she could nurse the newborn while not attempting to corral the toddler (impossible to do by the way).

And lastly -- this week, the cat seems to have rediscovered his fondness for birds. Today is the third time there has been a LIVE bird in my house. I have been able to save one, the cat eventually killed the second when I couldn't get it to fly out an open window and this one... well it has a 50-50 shot right now, but it may have to wait until B gets home. My basement -- well that is covered with bird feathers. Yippee! I was supposed to vacuum yesterday, but now I am kinda happy that I didn't get around to it.

The cow is being summoned.

Oh and for those who were a bit concerned about my last post. Why yes, I actually do expect myself to be the perfect mother. And yes, I do realize how unrealistic it is, but I am a glutton for punishment and always expect a lot out of myself. PPD??? maybe. Only time will tell for sure.

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