Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reasons why I am a complete crank today

Alternatively titles, why you should stay out of my way because I am a bitch on wheels.
  • I am sick
  • I have gotten two freaking calls on my pro-bono case THIS MORNING (it is still early right now) and I have pile of other work currently sitting on my desk that I am actually earning money on. Yet, I will have to backburner all that and actually return these calls.
  • R had a bloody crusty nose this morning and his lip is swollen from a little L roughhousing. It is amazing how quickly it goes from giggles to screams in my house.
  • The internet is wonky at my office -- and of course the pressing deadline I have requires internet access.
  • Some extremely rude chick snapped at me at Starbucks this morning. Trust me honey -- are you are the ONLY person who ordered a 5 shot latte and yep they screwed up and called it a grande and not a venti, but a BLIND person could see it was in fact a venti and I am so sorry that I pointed it out to you and actually FORCED your rude ass to pause your Ipod. I means seriously -- how obnoxious of me to attempt to help you.
  • The chick next to me on the train this morning smelled like a horse stable. Actually, lets amend that -- her BREATH smelled like a horse stable. That isn't the wake up call I was looking for.
  • I am crampy, which doesn't help the body achiness either.
  • I am back on a project with the co-irker and somehow a deadline that WAS April 11th became TODAY. Seriously, is it any wonder why I hate this man?
  • Finally, the answer from the PA law firm has been pushed back YET AGAIN until tomorrow. Tomorrow people. Although I have ZERO faith that they will actually give me an answer tomorrow because their prior actions don't lend them any credibility for this deadline. I do NOT do well with not having a clue as to where my life is headed.

So, I am a bitch today. Excuse me if I snap your head off.

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nicole said...

I hope the day got a little bit better as it went on...