Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Amazing that I can dress myself

some days I am thoroughly amazed at my own ability to dress myself, get ready for work and make it to work out come catastrophe.

How I do what I assume most people think is a "skilled" job is any ones guess.

It is 10am and I have already been told by at least 3 people that I am stupid for doing things a particular way -- even if they weren't talking directly to me but complaining about someone else doing it that way (its a message board thing and totally not directed at me, but I am taking it personally for some reason. I need to get over it -- I had an example here but don't want to make the person who said it feel bad -- and W, I am not talking about you).

I think I need a break from my life. I guess when I was packing over the last two days I have packed my sense of humor as well as my brain. Maybe I will find it at the end of our move.

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