Tuesday, April 29, 2008

getting divorced

Let me just put out there for all of those that FREAKED upon seeing the title -- B and I are fine. Sure, I am working on his nerves like I usually do and it is probably a little heightened because we are both extremely stressed, but we are not any where near discussing the big D.

It is The Wife.

After many months of ulcer inducing stress, The Wife and I decided to go our seperate ways. Of course this is about 5 weeks earlier than I had planned so I am doing the WAHM routine right now. Thank Goodness I finally came clean with my boss and he is lovely and wants to keep me so I have a few weeks to pull our crap together and replace The Wife or we will move to PA (I am thinking the latter, even though my boss is trying to convince me of the former).

Oh and I FINALLY told him all about the co-irker and how much I hate him and everyone else in the office hates him. It was refreshing to be able to speak my mind with the boss again.

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mamaC said...

You almost gave me a heart attack!!! Glad you are just talking about the wife! PHEW!!