Monday, April 7, 2008

And a New Yorker, I shall be

B and I had a long talk this weekend about the job in PA (which I still haven't gotten official word from, but who I am pretty sure made an offer to someone else and therefore is just stringing me along right now) and what we are going to do and have come to the decision that now is not the time for us to move. Yes, we still live in a small house that still requires a lot of work AND a second floor. Yes, we still don't live anywhere near family and need to find a reliable babysitter. And Yes, co-irker still drives me buggy.

But you know what -- I have a job that I usually love, co-workers that are wonderful extensions of my family, a real chance to move up from my current position and I make a heck of a good living. And everything else -- The Wife making me crazy, B's boss being an idiot, etc can and will change. Even if we have to take the steps to change them.

I am not prepared to sell my house in the current market and I don't really want to rent it out either, so we will stay in NY for now, finish paying off debt, refinance our house so we can get the money to put the second floor on and maybe even have another kid in the next 2 years or so.

I am a New York, B is now a New Yorker too (he is even seeing his Mid-western traits slipping away and is no longer a total push over) and the boys will be New Yorkers. Maybe in 2 years or so, moving will be the right answer for us, but that time isn't now. Thank goodness too because I hate the job search.

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