Friday, April 25, 2008

hey guess what

packing SUCKS. Moving sucks. House hunting sucks. Staging a house to be sold sucks and finally selling a house in this market... that really sucks.

Needless to say, I am still living in the land of lists. Although I keep finding that my lists are growing rather then shrinking. I am not quite sure how that is happening because I know I am doing an awful lot, so ...

To add to that, B -- driving me bonkers. I gave him a list of houses to look through and a list of ones that I narrowed it down to. I think there were 28 or so on the list. Guess what he did. Looked thru 7 on my list and then ADDED 10 more. ADDED I tell you. From a list I asked him to narrow down. Apparently my opinion on where we live is a moot point to him.

I also have banned myself from message boards for a bit. Some one posted about a due process violation being a violation of the 1st Amendment. I pointed out that she had her Constitution wrong and of course she knows more than I do. (BTW -- it is the 5th or the 14th that she was really referring to) and then she threw out something about how can a states rights supercede the Bill of Rights. Again -- she needs some seriously schooling in Constitutional Law if she is going to try to make arguments like that, but, I realized I was getting more pissed than I should over some annoymous, apparently stupid, person, so I have put myself on a ban. I got enough going on, so it has been an easy ban to maintain.

Also, I haven't bought yarn in a week. I am so doing well! LOL B is both thrilled about that and not so thrilled (we have a tariff system every time I buy yarn and lets just say he gets VERY excited when he sees a yarn delivery). I also just packed up my vacuum box of yarn again. Although it has also spilled into another smaller box too. I have an addiction. Hopefully it quells with a lack of time when I start the new job.

Ok, back to box land. I am still offering payment to anyone who wants to pack up my house and stage it for me. Pod arrives tomorrow though so act quickly!

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