Wednesday, April 2, 2008

the coffee walk

I don't know if my brain just works weird, but I have been thinking about this the last two mornings.

Do you know there is actually a coffee walk? I don't know if it is a NYC thing or is because we have something like 100 Starbucks within 10 ft of my office, but every morning there are hundreds of us walking through Grand Central Terminal doing the coffee walk.

What is the the coffee walk? It is a strange way to hold your coffee, close to you body, but not too close, right near your heart, with your wrist cocked so the coffee is turned away from you. Does that make sense? The coffee cup is quite close to your shoulder and in line with your body, but not your front.

It makes total sense to me and I find I hold my coffee the same way. I think it has a lot to do with walking through massive crowds with a full cup of coffee. You want to keep it close to you because you inevitably get bumped around, but if you keep it too close you WILL wear it. However, why it is held UP, I have no idea. I do it, but I don't know why.

Talking about coffee, have I mentioned before that it is L's most favorite drink of all times? If you have a coffee mug in your hand, or a starbucks cup or a dunkin donuts cup or any plain coffee cup, he wants it. He knows when we are going to drive past a dunkin donuts and probably could order my detailed drink (venti no water vanilla soy chai). Whether that is a comment on my addiction or my parenting, I will leave up to you.

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Jaclyn Michele said...

I think a demonstration is in order.

I am a visual person!