Thursday, April 17, 2008

blah blah blah blah blah

Seriously, I have a case of the blahs, not funnys and who the hell would care about that today. My life right now is lists.

My list of lists
  • fixes I need to do to the house
  • fixes B needs to do to the house
  • people I need to call to list house, arrange showing of new house, people to stage old house
  • addresses that I need to change
  • houses that I want to look at
  • new builders that I want to see
  • people I need to tell we are moving -- boss ranks right up there on this one
  • appointments scheduled so far in the future that I need to change
  • packing supplies I need to pick up

I don't do lists. That is W's job. Too bad she can't supply me with a color coded spreadsheet of everything that I need to do and the order I need to do it in. She had one for her wedding. It really was a sight to behold.

Le sigh. Anyone wanna pack my house for me and stage it? I will pay you if you can provide me with an invoice!

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