Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lost that loving feeling...

I feel so uncreative these days. I try to remember cute things the boys did. Or things that drive me nuts and I come up with nothing. So, bullet points today!

  • R is now pulling up and letting go. It is damn cute, but he also has a gazillion bruises on his head from the constant falling.
  • L is still totally in love with the vacuum cleaner! As I type I can hear him up there cleaning the floor because The Wife brought it out
  • I have 3 Christmas parties to hit in the next week. I can't think of a single one that I actually want to attend -- although the "group" one is always fun. B's company one is in a week -- please wish me the patience to not slap his stupid, lazy boss!
  • R has cut 3 teeth in 8 days. It has been fun around here. One more to do.
  • L is getting super particular about how he lines up his cars. It is about the cutest thing in the world, but his OCD tendencies are starting to freak me out. Puppy HAS to be hanging on the back of his chair when he eats or he freaks out.
  • We are in the midsts of the introduction of some more fluff into my life. I am going to give prefolds/fitted and covers a shot again. Wish me luck -- esp on the prefold front because getting R to stay in one spot for 5 seconds is a chore.
  • I believe I may have a dentist appointment today. B tells me there was a call from the dentist office, but I can't seem to find their number. I have no time to go, so fingers crossed they fill the spot and I don't have to pay! Or better yet, I don't have an appointment.


brooke said...


I read your post about your child eating poop :)

Except I really am not smiling right now because my daughter just ate dog poop. I just about died.

I wanted to ask you if there were any side effects. Her dr. said she would be fine, but I get paranoid easily :)

MomSmoo said...

I was going to email you this, but....

Actually my oldest has eaten dog poop too. I freaked -- I think MamaC and my mom can attest to that, both thought someone died when I called them I was so hysterically crying.

L survived just fine and the dr told me it happens ALL THE TIME. Although I don't think you will get many parents who admit to it!

Let me tell you what never has happened again though....