Monday, December 10, 2007

It is finally happening

B and I agreed this weekend we would like for L to just SHUT UP for 5 freaking minutes. Seriously, the kid is non-stop these days. Too bad much of it is Mommy Mommy Mommy until he gets my attention, but it is unreal the amount he just jabbers on now. Tells you long detailed stories of half words and his own little language, but you can usually get the idea -- ie. R fall down and hit his head HERE.

Although, and I think this is a normal thing, the kid says no to everything. Ask if he wants a cookie and if the answer is YES, then half the time he says cookie and half the time he says no. If he REALLY means no, then you get, no no no. We are working on teaching him yes.

I also don't get the triple repeat thing, but that is becoming a habit too.

Oh and R is now ReRe. B and I both have started calling him that. Amazing how quickly HE picked up his nickname from his brother.

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nicole said...

Isn't it great that you have a little jabber-monkey? Dylan is non-stop chatter and it amazes me what she picks up. My favorite from her right now is "how are you mom?" and when Isaac is eating..."slow down Isaac!"