Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Falling into place

Things seem to be moving forward on the "get the hell outta dodge" front. I have various interviews scheduled for Jan. 3rd and 4th and after that we will see where things go.

There are a lot of things that need to fall into place for this move to work for us. We need to pay off the majority of our credit card debt in 2-3 months, we need to find a house, we need to get a mortgage -- which I hear is much more difficult these days! -- and we need to break the news to everyone involved in our lives.

That is a lot of disappointment to go around -- one set of parents is going to be pissed, one set of friends is going to be pissed, two bosses will be pissed and one sweet and loving Nanny will be heartbroken. We want the Wife to come with us, but B and I both recognize that is a lot to ask, so we will ask, and we will be told no probably and then we will leave.

This whole idea just stresses me out. It is so much worse then telling the daycare center that L wasn't coming back. At least there they had other kids that they loved, in our situation, L and R love the Wife as much as she loves them.

We are doing the right thing though right? I mean, uprooting the kids to live closer to family is a good thing in the long run, esp when they are this young. Right???


MommytoA said...

Congrats on the interviews ! Do what you feel is right & best for your family. I know it's tough but you can't worry about everyone else. Sure some people may be hurt but they'll get over it...life goes on. (think maybe I should take my own advice. lol) ((HUGS))

Lainey-Paney said...

oh, I have no answers for you...sounds like a tough spot.

So, I'll just be wishing you a lot of clarity. how'd that be????