Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the Joys of Commuting

One of the more entertaining parts of my day usually comes first thing in the morning. I commute. However, my commute also involves interacting - face to face - with thousands of people. It might be the worst part of my day, but it also sometimes is the most humorous part of my day.

It starts with the great art of creative parking. I believe this is a northeast thing, but I am not quite sure. Creative parking is finding or making a parking spot out of anything you can think of. When I used to drive a 4 wheel drive car, my favorite parking space what the mound of snow plowed off to the side. I could get up the mound and down the mound without a problem and it is usually located quite close to the train station entrance. This morning, my parking space was at the end of the row and would more likely be called the ROAD then a parking space, but since I wasn't blocking any more traffic than the car I parked opposite of, it is just a form of creative parking.

Then comes to push and shove to get on the train. There is a protocol here too, but it is a weird protocol. All outside seats must be taken before you can ask for a middle seat. The person who is asleep or at least pretending to be asleep gets asked only when all ther other seats are taken and the seats that face each other shouldn't be fully filled unless the train is short a car or you know the people. There is lots of sighing to be done during this part, especially by the women that you ask to move bags. It is a MAJOR inconveince for them and I just love to do it especially when the woman is looking at you all surly.

Finally there is the cell phone ettiquette. My best advice -- just don't use your cell unless it is a dire emergency. And if you NEED to use it -- whisper. I rarely if ever pick up my phone when I am on the train. When I do, my conversations usually last under a minute. My family and most of my friends know better than to expect me to talk on the train. Those that do -- well they end up in a shoving match and getting removed from the train like the two 40 year old, professional men did this morning because ONE was talking too loudly on the phone for the other. This happened within a foot of me and it was rather amusing.

I will not at all miss my morning commute when I leave NY!

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