Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The daily grind

I worked late last night, so I only had about 40 minutes last night with the boys. Dragging myself into the office was much harder this morning than usual. I hate when I don't get a nice chunk of time with everyone in the evening.

Then about 30 minutes into the train ride there was an announcement that there is ice on the tracks and the trains ahead of us were sliding. Oh joy!

I also seem to have developed a plugged duct (Alicia -- am I having sympathy pains for you or something?) when I didn't nurse for more then 15 hours on the one side -- yes, I am an idiot! So after I got the boys to bed last night, I stood in the shower for about 20 minutes massaging my boob. What a pain -- both literally and figuratively. It was apparently so bad yesterday that even one of my co-workers, who is usually nice, walked in my office and asked "what the hell is wrong with you." What a pick me up!

Oh and to add to that, L decided to fingerpaint with his poop last night before going to bed. B freaked -- he is a total nut when it comes to cleaning up poop or vomit -- so I got to peel off each layer of L's clothing and try not to make the situation worse. That was my quality time with L.

Last but not least, I am headed to a 2 hour plus meeting where I say all of 10 words and get oodles more work.

I need starbucks.


nicole said...

Their peppermint hot chocolate, right? Oh wait, I'm sure you meant coffee of some sort! =) Sounds like you need a vacation. At least the holidays are coming and you should get a couple of days. Hopefully.

MomSmoo said...

Is that an offer to take my kids off my hands while I am visting?

KatieG said...

hahahahaha - I hardly say 10 words either - but this is going to change....i'm not going to sit and listen to the rambling anymroe, i can't take it. i am sooooo antsy sitting there.

Why do we have these once a week? i mean, seriously?