Monday, November 19, 2007

Who stole my kids?

Seriously, my kids were so well behaved and angelic this weekend that I am now certain that someone snuck in my house and replaced my children with sweet adorable clones.

Don't believe me.

L walked around the mall with B and I for 2 hours, holding someones hand, not pitching a fit every time we went by a ride and even walked nicely through Williams Sonoma (I know, I was tempting fate with that one, wasn't I). Then he sat nicely at dinner, ate his China Buffet food in great big mouthfuls and didn't even wear half of it even though Mommy totally spaced on bringing a bib. And not one, not two but THREE families complimented B and I on how well behaved BOTH boys were!

Then on Sunday L preceeded to actually HELP B and some co-worker friends clean flower beds, turn over the garden, prune back the roses and clean up our yard and all the accompanying crap that has been stored under our porch. Yes, it mainly consisted of running around pushing his play lawn mower, but he didn't throw a fit and B was actually able to get work done, so that is cooperation in my book.

On Sunday night he spent a good hour to hour and half playing on the floor with his new HUGE BOX of trucks and cars that P (the neighbor) had in her attic and that her son insisted on giving to L.

I know -- who is this kid!

R, well R was a bit crankier than usual this weekend. He wasn't so complacent to just be put on the floor to fend for himself. However, other than wanting to eat more or rather nurse more because he is getting 4 teeth, he was his normal happy self. He is 100% self feeding now and B and I are racking our brains to remember all the good self-feeding foods. But, self-feeding also means that he will sit in his high chair for a good 30minutes to an hour just shoving food into his mouth.

It is unreal.

Who ever left this angels at my house -- HA, your loss. I am keeping them!!! Have fun with the temper tantruming L that you took.


MommytoA said...

Ah,they've been angels all along....maybe just more of hell's angels some days. ;-) But, if you run into that person who might have a supply of angelic kids, could you send them to my place.Oy vey. Kiss my boys.

nicole said...

It sounds like a great weekend. You know, the halo was there all along, sometimes the horns get in the way though. =) I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend. Hopefully this was the start of something new with those cute boys.