Monday, November 5, 2007

And the winner is

Eileen over at a Life of Triggers!

I have been avoiding my blog like the plague this weekend in order to recover from my 31 days of blogging. Who knew that would be exausting. I ALMOST signed up for an event for the month of November but I am so happy I decided to skip that one.

So, here is a question for mom's out there -- did your kid(s) take a major drop in breastmilk intake or even formula intake when they started on solids? L never did -- solids were always in addition to BM (and then formula when I got knocked up.) I know I am supposed to keep R about 30oz and he is fine with that, but he was close to 50-55 oz a day and now he is eating 4 jars of food BUT not nursing or drinking as much BM. I mean he is down to only 20oz when I am gone during the day and only 3 nursing sessions when I am home (morning and twice at night). My supply has decidedly tanked (I just pumped less than 8oz right now, when I WAS pumping 14 at this time of day...).

So am I off to fight my supply or just let it go. I still have a good 300 oz in the freezer, but since that is 200 less than I had about 2 months ago, I am concerned about it holding out for the next 4 months!

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