Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary -- Again

It is 4 years today that B proposed. I knew it was coming up, and I am sure he doesn't remember at all, but when I was trying to figure out how many years it has been I thought for SURE that I was getting the math wrong. But no... 4 years. That is it.

B and I met in June 2001, didn't start dating until June 2002, he moved to NY in March 2003, we started planning out wedding in Sept 2003, got engaged November 2003 (yeah, I know cart first there, huh), married August 2004, found out we were pregnant March 2005, first house July 2005, first kid November 2005, second kid March 2007. To say it has been a busy last few years is an mild understatement.

I can't believe it has ONLY been 4 years, seems like so much more.

While B drives me up and down walls on a regular basis, he is also my grounding force and I do love him more and more with each passing year.

Happy Anniversary B, even if you have no idea it is today.


nicole said...

You added color to my creation??? What makes you think you're allowed to do that? =)

Do you want the background of the picture the same color so it blends???

MomSmoo said...

No - not yet. Don't love the grey background, but can't find a soft enough purple. Know any ideas?