Monday, November 26, 2007

And then suddenly...

I was the mom of a 2 year old.

The Saint and her girls arrived on Wednesday morning and in the ensuing whirlwind, Thanksgiving came and went and all of a sudden it was Sunday and L’s birthday. On Friday, I began with the -- L, about this time 2 years ago I realized I was in labor -- and continued to mark milestones in my labor over the next 42 hours(along with the snide remarks of -- yep Mama was STILL in labor with you at this point -- no sleeping for Mama!!) . B and I were in the car, L pitching a fit in his car seat, when 1:16 pm rolled around and marked the minute that our lives were forever changed by one squirming, 8lb, 4oz bundle of joy.

If my pregnancy and labor were any indication of the child I was going to get, it should come as no surprise that the last 2 years have been filled with a number of challenges, but each one has resulted in a happy outcome. L is our daredevil, early to crawl, early to walk, early to hit the “terrible twos,” good sleeping, energy draining, emotional little one. He makes my heart stop with his antics on a regular basis, but then melts me with a giant hug and a kiss.

Shortly before R arrived, B and I started a night time routine of L giving the other parent a kiss before going to bed -- meaning if B puts L to bed, L runs to me to gives me a kiss. No matter how mad L is about going to bed, no matter how upset he is about putting toys away, no matter what, when B says give Mama (and now R) a kiss, he comes running. He demonstrates his love for B, me, R and The Wife with the same fierceness that he uses when he scales B and my bed, his dresser, R’s crib or any number of things that he shouldn’t be climbing but does the instant you turn your back.

L is a handful -- that is for sure. He is a little McGuyver who can take anything apart and who seems to be un-childproofable. He is still learning that using his words leads to a much happier household and whining and crying don’t get him far, but his word explosion has been coming for some time and he is starting to mimic everything we say. Although, I have already found that that isn’t always a good thing either.

I can’t believe my baby is two. The little baby who changed us from a couple to a family. The little boy who makes me shed tears of sadness, frustration and utter joy. The little baby who took his sweet time coming into this world and taught me that he will do what he wants on HIS schedule and no one else’s. The little boy with the gorgeous blue eyes, enormous heart, and the single-minded determination that will serve him well down the lines. The little baby who made me realize what all encompassing love is. The little boy who made me understand what everyone meant when they said “you will understand when you are a mother.” The little baby and little boy that I grow to love more every day.

I love you L. Happy 2nd Birthday!

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MommytoA said...

Happy 2nd Birthday L! Hope he had a great day.