Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Am I my mom?

We got a new writing prompt from my Cafe Mom group and I HAD to take them up on this one...

Are you becoming your mom? your dad? Are you the complete opposite?Are there things you say that remind you of things you used to hear?

To say that B and I are like my parents is the understatement of the world. B couldn't be more like my father -- although I do think B has a bit more of a temper than my dad did when we were little or I just push his buttons more than my mom did to my dad. It is weird things too, B has started this, get in the car and wait thing that my dad always did to my mom. Drove my mom batty because HELLO -- a little help in here would allow us to leave that much sooner. I never got why it made her mad. Now I do.

B also can fall asleep on the couch at the drop of a hat the instant both boys are napping. Me, I look around and see the clutter and need to pick up. That is so my mom too. Now, I don't come anywhere close to the neat freak that she is, but I hate tripping over the boys toys in the living room, so I pick them up at lunch/naptime and first thing when the boys go to bed. B things we should 1) not pick them up at all or 2) do it after he has had a chance to relax. Ummm.. NO.

The other thing that makes me keep thinking -- oh crap I am becoming my mom is that I can't buy myself stuff. If I spend money on myself, I feel guilty. The boys both have dresser and closets stuffed to the gills and more clothing then they will probably ever wear. R really never needs me to buy him a single item of clothing for at least another year, yet for him and L, I will spend spend spend. Me -- if the jeans cost more than $30 I have a panic attack. My freshman year in college, I spent hours going through my mom's closets laughing and the old stuff and throwing stuff out without her imput -- I mean she was standing there, but it would be a lot of - "I don't care, it is 20 years old mom, get a new white turtleneck." My mom is now one of the best dressed women out there and I am starting to hit the blah zone.

Ways that my mom and I are not alike -- I have much much more expensive tastes then she does (I know, hard to believe minutes after I said I won't spend more than $30 on jeans). B and I have a pencent for eating out too -- and at nice restuarants to boot. I think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on toys and playsets for the boys and my parents were never that financially solvent when we were little. Also, my mom was a SAHM and there is just no freaking way -- beyond the whole role as a breadwinner part. I don't have the patience for it and when I am home on maternity leave I tend to shop (see above about all the boys clothing).

So, am I becoming my mom. Yes, but I am version 2000 while she was version 1970.

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