Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I am nuts...

Just how insane am I. Well at 2am this morning I was CONVINCED that I was pregnant.

Instead it turns out that something I ate just didn't agree with my tummy.

B has made it perfectly clear that 2 kids is plenty during which time I have come to the conclusion that I am not done having kids yet... whether I have another one of my own or I am a surrogate.

In the mean time I need psychiatric help to deal with this -- how in the world can I want another kid so soon? I mean seriously, haven't I been pregnant for like the last 3 years?


Ash said...

fight the urge mama, let your body heal....then have another.

I am done, two children have sucked out everything from body, but I do love my girls and could see how you would want another.

MommytoA said...

Nuts.I don't think I'd cry if it never happened again.But,that's just me. ;-)

Jennie Thomason said...

You want what you want and that's your choice (and your husband's), but no one else's. I only want one and we haven't conceived that one yet. I realize this is subject to change but my reasons are mine and I would hope even then no one would demand reasons.