Thursday, November 29, 2007

Memo to my boobs.

Hi ladies.
While I appreciate your hard work the last 8.5 months we seem to be developing a problem. You seem to think that this is an all or nothing prospect and unfortunately that is not the case. While I treasure your over-active days and like to restock my freezer, pumping 27 ounces one day and 16 the next is not what I had in mind. I need a consistant flow of about 22-25oz a day. I know pumping is harder on you then if R ate from the tap, but I have to work and this is not new to you. You knew the rules going into this, so now is not the time to decide to slack off.

So ladies, suck it up. You have at least 3 more months of work ahead of you and then we will meet to discuss my future expectations and how long your vacation will last. You have already put in close to 16 months, so really 3 more is nothing.

Although, let it be known that while you are on vacation, I do expect you to maintain your current size, but your previous shape. None of this conversing with my knees.

Please file this as your 9 month review and we will meet again in 3 months.

Your owner.


Kirsten said...

Man, isn't it so true that boobs don't always follow the rules? Mine are borderline producers despite everything I do to try to keep it going. You are so right about the 1 year evaluation! I think mine will be in service for awhile considering she gives the big finger to anything that is not a boob. Sigh. Good luck babe

Miss Organization said...

Wow...that is me lately!!! The girls need a pep talk for sure!!

3 more months -- we can do it!!!!

MommytoA said...

Dorkarella! Would you like me to ship you some milk ? You know I have a magic supply. ;-) My knees and boobs are so close these days I think they might be an item.

Um...what happened to the Fri. crockpot recipe? You know I don't cook but I like to salivate over the idea of the dish.

Keri said...

HA! You crack me up girl!! :)