Tuesday, November 4, 2008

yeah -- no more politics

well, after this one...

We are tired of capitalism. Socialism and Marxism are the future, and the future is here. Let those who want to work support the rest of us

Yet another wonderful quip from Newsvine on MSN news.

The sad state of affairs is that in few hours our country will take a leap to where... socialism? spreading the wealth? mainly, just screwing over the middle class yet again. The idea of Universal Health Care for all -- regardless if they want it. A MSN study showed that 23% of American without health care are offered it through their employer. That means 23% DO NOT WANT IT. One person was bitching about the $1170 it would cost her annually to have health insurance. Funny -- no one thinks twice before spending that on car insurance, but you are certainly more likely to get sick then you are to be in an auto accident. God we are populated with some seriously dumb ass people.

So, instead of facing the facts that people are making these choices for whatever reason they are, government is going to be big brother and step in and fix it all. You poor stupid citizens that have no idea, here just let big government do it all for you. *snort*

I sincerely hope that both Obama and/or McCain prove me wrong. I think they are both terrible. We seriously are in a sad state of affairs when that is the choices we have. I chose to vote AGAINST a candidate for the first time in my life.

I am sure this isn't the first time it is going to happen in my life time, but I know I am going to be rolling my eyes and laughing at the stupidity of the American public in about a year when one of 2 things is going to happen 1) Obama doesn't implement a single plan he campaigned on other than raising taxes and 2) the economy is even deeper in the shitter because the employers that have been planning layoffs if Obama is elected go through with them rather then die a slow death due to over taxation.

There is no silver lining to this nightmare.


nicole said...

I knew you were trying to decide what to do. I think the last thing you said was you were 99% sure you were just going to vote for one of the candidates, but wished you had the guts to vote for neither. Apparently you found the guts, huh? =)

MomSmoo said...

No I voted for McCain. I am still a little pissed at myself. My heart told me to vote for Barr, but I was scared to "throw my vote away" in a state that was supposed to be close.

Libertarian party had a decent showing though here in PA. Now to spend the next few years making them a solid 3rd option. My family will be so thrilled. Too bad too many right-wing crazies populate the Rep party and too many left-leaning loons are in the Dem party.