Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving revisited

Here are two of my nieces decorating what would become one of the tablecloths (the one for the kids table). All 5 kids helped out. It was adorable.

B, L and my 3 nieces hamming it up while I cooked. It was amazing how well entertained L was just by the mere presence of the girls. R was still napping.

Now R is up and giving his mommy some love.

Here is one of the few pictures of me cooking. My mom is trying to entertain R -- who was desperate for mommy's attention when he wasn't playing with his cousins or brother.

Here is the spread. Yep -- I CAN cook. When I want to of course, which isn't often.

And here is the whole family. I can't believe I got everyone to look at the same time on the first shot.


nicole said...

Everything looks fantastic. I hope you all had a great weekend together and L had a wonderful birthday.

Bryan said...

Whitney, you look great! And it looks like thanksgiving was good. BTW, this is Beth from mamatomama. Pay no attention to the weird email address :) Take care!