Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh my God, you have got to be kidding

So, for the last 2 years people have talked politics on a mommy's board I am a member.

It took the actual election for the shit to hit the fan. I am so done with this tip toeing around people because they can't articulate an opinion. Someone actually said that as a response -- well they just dont' know how to voice their opinion. I guess that along with making a good living and being able to support my family is MY fault.

It isn't the debate that made my heart race and my anger shoot through the roof.

It was the finger wagging -- "you shameful people are just looking out for yourself" -- from the same bitch that send me a message and told me L deserved a learning disability because I am his mother.

I thought I could look past it, but hell no. How dare someone like that act as the morality police.

Although, yet again, it shows the low lives that supported Obama and makes me wonder how bad it can really get from here.

Katie -- PLEASE let this president be the person YOU see and not the man I see.

BTW -- I came on here to post 3 -- way more fun then expected and talk about how much fun L is these days. Funny how quickly my happy/lovey mood changed.


The mom who made it said...

Now I have to hunt you down??? Email me! :)

nicole said...

Okay, that post made no sense to me whatsoever. Send me an e-mail!

KatieG said...

Don't worry -- there are wackos on both sides of the aisle. I don't assume all GOPs are racist, even though the rallies featured loud and vocal racists and people hating Muslims for the past few weeks.

She probably has too much time on her hands...also, anyone who would say something to you about your child "deserving" anything wrong with him CLEARLY has issues to begin with and you should ignore any further comments from her about anything. And don't get upset about it -- when someone attacks you, or your child for that matter, over an internet message board -- i'd seriously question their mental stability. That's completely f'd up.

Cute Halloween pics, btw.

MomSmoo said...

Thanks Katie. Congrats. I really liked your entries of the last 2-3 days.

Were you even at work yesterday?

Erin Moore said...

oh no. I just realized you were gone. hope everything is ok. KIT.