Thursday, November 27, 2008

Goble, goble

Yesterday, my house looked a lot like the Michael Phelps commercial where he is chopping veggies and food is flying everywhere. Everything that can be chopped and prepped is ready to go. My house is like the set of the Food Network with all the spices and such in little bowls, pre-measured and just ready to be dumped.

Ok, so it isn't that crazy, but it is close.

We host Thanksgiving every year. Usually my sister and I do the prep work on Wed. This year she didn't come up until late Wed night. So I got to do all the prep myself.

This dinner has become quite possessive of me now. I actually think I may be able to pull off the whole thing with little to no help.

Wish me luck. I will let you know in a few hours if I lost my mind during the attempt or if it came off without a hitch.


MommytoA said...

Happy Thanksgiving !

nicole said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it all went well and that your day tomorrow goes smoothly too. Enjoy the doctor and L's party. By the way, was is my daughter Dy and not just D??? Just curious. Talk to you soon.

MomSmoo said...

B's best friend's (BF) hubby is D. I used it for some reason before talking about Dy, so your daughter became Dy. I am so weird that I 1) remember that and 2) care.