Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I had a women's lunch yesterday. At our table was a woman who is due Dec. 3. My due date with L was Dec. 4. I laughed about the fact that I am sure she is so done and ready to have this baby. She is.

Also at the table was the head of the local Jewish Community Center where apparently they have one of the best preschools/daycares. Our conversation quickly turned to the things picked up in a daycare/preschool setting that kids just don't seem to get at home (note -- this is not a stay at home vs. working mom thing. I would suck at the former. I know I would. Kids like school better then being home with me. I agree with them.).

L and R amaze me these days. The things they do -- cleaning up their toys, washing their hands unasked before and after meals and helping each other -- weren't taught to them here.

L on the other hand has been given more and more chores to do on a daily basis. First it started as a - hmm, I wonder if he can do it - and has developed into "his jobs". In the morning he helps pick out breakfast if he is awake, he makes his bed, he clears the dishes off the table and he has to dress himself.

In the evening, he also has to clear the dishes off the table, dump them in the garbage and put the plates in the sink. He also helps with making dinner and if B hasn't made coffee in the morning, he helps with that too.

On the weekend he vacuums his room. He probably would do the entire house if I let him, but since it takes him more than 30 minutes to anally do his own room (it is like 10x10 - not big!) I don't think we have 4 hours for him to do the rest of the house. He has picked up some of his grandmother's OCD tenancies.

Is it mean that my almost 3 year old has a list of chores he is "supposed" to do? Maybe, but checking in with my mom, I had a similar list at 3 so I don't think I am doing any permanent damage. Yet.

Now -- how old do you think he needs to be before he becomes responsible for cleaning up the dog poop in the back yard. I have a few years there, no?

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Megan said...

Not mean at all.. and personally, Junior is being introduced to the dog poop chore as early as possible... maybe next spring? I definitely don't do that, and if I wait for J to get it done, I literally have to close off the backyard and label it a danger zone. GROSS!