Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy busy weekend

It was a busy weekend in the Smoo household. First, of course we had swimming lessons on Saturday morning. B had to be absent (don't ask why -- seriously, a rant will likely be forthcoming if you do...). So I had swimming lessons at 11 and 1130 with 2 different kids. Somehow I got R out of his swimsuit, into the babysitting room and L into his swim suit and out on the deck in 3 minutes. One would think that I had some experience here.

Anyways, aside from that and the normal 7000 loads of laundry (really, there are 4 of us here... how do we have so much laundry a week??), the normal yard work, etc, here is what else we did.

On Saturday, I crocheted 2 hats. I did a third on Sunday. Here is what I have done so far. (to be honest - the large one I did last week. The other one that I completed this weekend is a present to someone who reads this, so it can't be shown here yet. All have the tassels on them now too).

B and I had to install a new garage door as the motor exploded on our old one last weekend. Luckily this only took us about 3 hours and L was able to help during the last hour while R finished up his nap.

I handled the wiring of the opener while B did the sensors at the bottom to keep it from coming down on one of the boys. (trust me, sounds more impressive then it really is).

We worked on our bicycle riding skills. I think we have a 2 wheeler mastered. There isn't a chance he is going to even be trying without the training wheels until he have him in a helmet though. I though I had gotten one. Have no idea where I put it though.

R's closet finally got the overhaul it has desperately needed. All those clothing just thrown in there -- yeah, stuff he has outgrown in the 4 short months that we have lived in this house. Before:

And After:

It was such a long busy weekend on by all parties (the boys helped B move a pile of gravel while I ran errands that I have let build up for a month, got stuff for L's birthday party, etc.).

R even crashed at the table while eating lunch. Poor guy. Luckily his big brother is always on the look out for him and let us know right away (yeah, we are rock star parents and weren't watching).

Now - where is my weekend to recover?


MommytoA said...

A busy weekend indeed. It made me tired just reading it.

Those are neat little hats. I've only attempted to do one. I'm working on a baby blanket for someone on top of a half-finished scarf, handbag and another baby blanket. I've got to get on it.

I'm a bit late in saying this but thanks for the birthday shout-out to A. L is so close !

Megan said...

I love those cute little hats! I didn't know that you crocheted! I've always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet, but let's face it- I don't even think I could begin a cute hobby like that!
What a busy weekend though!