Tuesday, November 18, 2008

L and his pee pee

L informed me this morning that he needs to go to the doctor.

I asked him why? He then told me that the doctor needs to take off his mole.

Ok -- he has a mole on his groin. Right on what a woman would call her bikini line. It isn't raised or anything, just a black dot. He has known about his mole and feels free to tell others about it.

So I tried to convince him that he didn't need it removed and that the doctor would have to use a knife and cut and it would be ouchies.

To which he responded "Mole hurt my pee pee. No doctor cut off my pee pee"

I thought it was hilarious. First that he thinks the mole will hurt his penis, and that he is already horrified about losing his penis at the age of THREE! So I had to call B and made L repeat the whole story to his father. Apparently, L has already told B this story. Last night in fact.

Now, in retrospect, I am a little concerned. First of all -- who is giving my child the idea that the mole needs to go. As I said he has known about his mole for the better part of a year now and never been concerned about it. And second - who has seen the mole to give him that idea. Granted, to the uninitiated it looks a lot like poop is stuck on his groin, but no one new should be helping him with the potty. In fact there is next to no need to help L with the potty at all. I mean down to wiping, he is totally independent in that area at home.

So, do I continue to find this hilarious or do I get more concerned?

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